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Fibre Cement Fasteners – 130mm Timber Baz Fixings

Packs of 100

Product Code: TF BAZ 130






Fibre Cement Fasteners – 130mm Timber Baz Fixings

130mm Timber Baz fixings are a modern alternative to Hook Bolts for fitting Fibre Cement roof sheets. Fibre Cement roof sheets were brought in as a replacement for Asbestos Cement roofing sheets and are used mainly on outbuildings, agricultural buildings and garages.

All Baz fixings are self drilling screws which is now the more modern and popular way to fix fibre cement sheeting on new and existing buildings. They are available to buy in different lengths and to suit timber, light section steel or heavy section steel purlins. Baz fixings come with a built on sealer washer to insure it is watertight around the curved crowns of cement based sheeting, they also have a winged shank to drill and create a larger diameter hole in the sheet, this allows for movement due to expansion and contraction of the sheets.

If you would prefer to use other types of fixings for fibre cement sheets, please click the link below for more options available.


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130mm Timber Baz Fixing – Product Information:

These are the quickest and most efficient fasteners for fitting profiled fibre cement roof sheets ( Profile 6 Fibre Cement Sheets ). They are self drilling so there is no need to pre-drill a hole which means that the sheets can easily be fixed from the top. All product information can be found below;

  • The overall length of the screw is 130mm
  • The Diameter of the screw is 6.3mm
  • Suitable for fixing Fibre Cement roofing sheets to Timber Purlins
  • 5/16″ (8mm) Hexagon Head – please click here for suitable driver 5/16″ (8mm) Hex Nut Driver with Spring Clip
  • Self Drilling Fixings, no need to pre-drill a hole
  • These fixings come complete with Baz Washers
  • Fibre Cement Fasteners
  • Packs of 100
  • Product Code: TF BAZ 130

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