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Bond It – Rain-Mate All Weather Sealant

Colour: Clear

1 x EU3 plastic cartridge Tube

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Rain-Mate All Weather Sealant

Rain-Mate All Weather Sealant is a superior and highly flexible, water repellent, general purpose sealant that has excellent adhesion to all surfaces, even when damp. This product can be over-painted with certain paints and it will not crack or slump or become brittle with age.


Rain-Mate is suitable for use on brick, concrete, stone, all metals, painted or bare wood, glass, vinyl and most plastics. Being rubber based this sealant is compatible with bitumen, asphalt and roofing felt and is ideal for roof repairs in damp conditions (any standing water must be removed before application). Can also be used to seal doors, windows, roofs, cladding and vehicle bodies.

Rust etc. should be removed to give as sound a surface as possible and for application in damp conditions remove any standing water and residual dirt, then dry the surface as well as possible with cloths or paper towels before applying the sealant.

Apply the sealant in a normal fashion ensuring there is sufficient sealant present to accommodate any future joint movement (25% of sealant width).

Allow 24 hours to dry before painting.


Not for use on expanded polystyrene, polycarbonate, plastic roof lights or other solvent sensitive surfaces.

Do not apply at over 60°C or on surfaces which exceed 80°C when in use.

Product Details:

Colour: Clear

Quantity: Price is for 1 x EU3 plastic cartridge Tube

Storage: Rain-Mate All Weather Sealant needs to be stored in cool and dry conditions between 5°C and 25°C

For more information please do not hesitate to call our Trade Counter on 01775 712600 or click on the links below for more detailed information;

Rain-Mate Safety Data Sheet

Rain-Mate Technical Data

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